Digitalization and IT Security


Technology is changing extremely fast nowadays. Not considering these fast-moving adaptations in business processes can crash a business or even full industry within a few months. Disruptive technologies are changing and optimizing our way of living, producing and interacting with other people or businesses. Completely new business models need to be applied and employees must be trained and supported in this process. Industry 4.0 or digitalization does not only mean a paperless working, it means change in human interaction, behavior and thinking. This process is fascinating and dangerous in the same moment. On the one hand, new technologies are allowing smart and safe living or producing. On the other hand, it opens doors for new invaders which we never dealt with before.

Based on this complexity and new management needs, HoQECS supports its partners to analyze a business, suggest technologies or process changes, implement secure solutions and manages the daily tasks & updates. We work with highly specialized partner in the field of IT Security, personal trainings among many others.

Let us make security part of the business architecture and ensure permanent growth.


As part of our services, we offer:

– Workshops in Strategy definition IT Infrastructure

– Check and Implementation IT Security

– Check and Implementation

– OPSEC (operation security center) 24/7 monitoring for all processes