Global Security


Modern world is complex and fast changing! Countries that have been save in the past might become a risk for your business within a few months. But all of us rely on stabile and save circumstances. For this we need to have access to information, as well as knowhow about reliable partner, institutions, cultural circumstances and many more.

HoQECS is participating and managing global security projects. As administrative and operational partner we identify security lacks, check employees, consult in company setups and provide personal security for business and private people. Depending the project, we can rely on latest technology provider, as well as experienced security professionals from police, secret service, special forces and other specialists.


See some of our services listed here:

– Security for industry plants (strategy, implementation, trainings)

– Personal protection (for business and private individuals, also in high risk areas)

– Transport security

– Global observation & investigation

– Special operations (also in high risk areas)